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Office Solution


Modular Work Station

  • 75mm Steel Sliding Type Workstations

  • 50mm Steel Sliding Type Workstations

The structural material used consists of cold rolled cold annealed steel. The frames are chromotised and then powder coated to a thickness of 50 microns. The frames are assembled in templates.

The frames are designed to carry networking / electrical cables both in the horizontal and vertical direction. The networking / electrical cables can also be routed between tiles if required. The frames rest on level adjusters. The frames are of standard heights to facilitate speedy delivery, though customized heights can be manufactured as specified by the architects / clients at an extra cost.

Trims and raceways are made of Aluminum and undergo the same treatment process as the frame. Raceways are of hinged type, raceways for networking and electrical circuits are provided at two levels, with the specified minimum gap of 300mm maintained between them. One raceway is at the skirting level and the other is just below or above the tabletop as required. Cutouts to accommodate networking and electrical fascias are made as specified

Fabric / Laminate / Glass tile options are available. Fabric / Laminate tiles are made of imported MDF sheets. Fabric or Laminate is glued to machine cut MDF tiles. Fabric / Laminate tiles are slid to the frames using unbreakable plastic clips. This avoids usage of screws and facilitates easy maintenance. This also ensures that Electrical / Net working cables are not damaged while routing them between tiles. Glass tiles (clear, tinted or etched) can be provided as any panel in the frame. The material, shade and other specifications for fabric, laminate and glass tiles are as specified by the architects / clients.



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