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Office Solution


Networking Racks:
These are also called as server racks or 19” rack sued is networking lab used to mount the servers and networking instruments. This rack is made of 3mm thick CRCA powder coated.

Under Table Drawers:
These under table drawers will have 2 equal drawers on top and one filling drawer at the bottom and the whole unit is mounted on castors with brake.

Key Board Trays:
i) Wooden ii) Metal iii) Plastic

CPU Trolley
Securely holds vertically oriented CPU for mobilty and access the CPU trolleys are very efficient and properly hold the cpu as it has two locking casters.
It helps to get the CPU off the desktop and into a less obtrusive location.


Mobile Trolleys:
These are similar to the free standing table, except that they are mounted on castors, these trolleys can be either with MS trays or wooden shelf’s.
Size available: Width: 3’, 3’, 3.5”
Depth: 2’, 3’, 3.5”
Height:2.5’ standard



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